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Motorcycle touring is grand adventure.

Since 1997, we have been embarking on motorcycle sojourns to the sacred land of chicken-fried steak and sentinel water towers.  No, we haven't yet found the true meaning of life, but we have learned the correct pronunciation of "pasties," what sort of folks live in Correctionville Iowa, and how to replace a turn signal light with a tool roll that would put some NASCAR pits to shame.  And we've documented our travels (typically online in "real-time") to give you, our faithful readers, a feel for life on the two-wheeled open road, leaky gloves and all.

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The Razorback Tour
April 2005 (Whizmo only)
The Trinity Tour
September/October 2004

The Trinity Tour (w/audio)
(see System Tech Req)
JerkQuest '03 (Minnesota)
August/September 2003
The Great Divide Tour
September 2002
North to Alaska
August 2001
British Columbia Spaghetti Tour
May/June 2000
JerkQuest '99 (Utah)
May 1999
Cycle World Spanish GP Euro-Tour
May 1998 (Whizmo only)
JerkQuest '97 (Michigan)
Sept 1997

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