Contacting Whizmo & Gizmo

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A lot of our readers are curious about how the whole Whizmo & Gizmo thing got started.

Whizmo & Gizmo have been embarking on annual (more or less) motorcycle tours since 1997.  On that first tour from Seattle WA to Lake Michigan, Gizmo kept an email diary with small photos that he dutifully sent out each evening to friends and family.  Over time, Whizmo started participating in the writing and photography.  We became more sophisticated in our technique and presentation.  Each year, we'd challenge ourselves to add a new dimension, hoping to attract more readers and invite more participation.  As we prepare to embark each year, we find ourselves looking eagerly forward to the tour, both for the wonderful motorcycling and the challenging opportunity to completely immerse ourselves in the process of writing and photography.  For both of us, the daily rhythms of The Road and our self-imposed deadlines prove to be a powerful catalyst to creativity.

W&G are pretty sure they've known each other since 1968, when they each bought motorcycles against their parents' wishes.  They were in high school together with friends informally known as 'The Jerks', who occasionally show up in these pages.  But that's another story.  Currently, Whizmo & Gizmo both reside near Seattle in the northwest corner of the United States, where their families graciously put up with these annual outbursts of ridin' and writin'.

Thanks for riding with us!