Day Fifteen


"The Less Said, The Better"

September 19, 2002

Gallup, NM -
Lordsburg, NM

367 miles

5:27 riding time

4 Passes Today
47 Passes To Date

7:34AM - Just south of Gallup on NM 602. 7:18AM - Loading Up at Gallup Motel.
8:31AM - Approaching Fence Lake on NM 602. 9:29AM - Ted Nugent is in charge of litter control near Pie Town (and Gizmo Pass).
9:11AM - Approaching Quemado on NM 36. 9:31AM - We just missed the Pie Festival (we wonder if Ted Nugent was there).
10:40AM - Southeast of Datil on NM 12 9:54AM - Gizmo finally bags his own pass!  US 60 just west of Pie Town.
11:28AM - The town of Aragon on NM 12. 10:26AM - I chat with the Martins at a gas station in Datil.  Riding a Vulcan and a Magna, they were headed from their home in Flagstaff to a rally just to the east of our route.
12:53PM - US 180 south of Reserve. 12:47PM - Jakes General Merchandise in Reserve. 
"I'll take a chain saw with my lottery ticket and bananas please."  Note antlers on ATV in pickup.  Bow & arrow elk hunters were everywhere.
1:05PM - US 180 near Saliz Pass. 12:48PM - Top of town sign in Reserve.  Anybody know anything about the "Elfego Baca Gun Battle"?
1:31 - US 180 near Buckhorn 1:21PM - Tree in Alma
1:37PM - US 180 near Cliff. 2:05PM - Yet another pass, just northwest of Silver City on US 180.
2:14PM - Road Construction on US 180 near Silver City. 2:31PM - And another, just southwest of Silver City on NW 90 towards Lordsburg.  Whatever.
3:04PM - Approaching Lordsburg on NM 90; Mexico in far distance. 2:51PM - Home stretch, gotta keep the wheels spinning.
3:12PM - Under railroad tracks and onto I-10 in Lordsburg. 3:25PM - Bikes parked at Lordsburg hotel.  Miller time.

Results for Contest #10, 'You Be The Judge!'

Gosh, who would have thought that this would have been such a tight race?  The polling was neck and neck right down to the wire.  As of posting time, the final tabulation is ... Whizmo, by a nose, with 51.28% of the votes, leaving Gizmo with a heart-breaking 48.72%.  What's that?  Whizmo is exulting in the background, rehearsing his acceptance speech.  Of course, I never thought it would be so close.  You folks should know that I, Gizmo tabulate the contest entries.  You should have voted for me.  You know who you are.  And for those of you who did vote for me, well as correspondent Glenda Revelle put it so succinctly, "we Gizmo-heads have to stick together, now don't we???  See Gizmo's To-Do List, item #150."  Exactly!  Glenda knows which side her W&G t-shirt is printed on.

Let's take a peek in the mailbag and see what you some of you had to say about these artful compositions.  Let's start with those favoring Whizmo's shot.

Whizmo's Shot

Allan Gold says: 

Nice work, Whizmo. I feel more like I did when I got here than I do now.

Mr. J. Ozinski offers up:

Mr. Whizmo:

Thank you for your photo submittal.  Although it is a rather interesting shot, I'm afraid it does not meet any of our current editorial needs.  May I suggest you consider showing it to Tattoo, Thong & Chain?  I understand they are doing a piece on "Weather Forecasting Basics...Important stuff to know if you want to keep your bandana and chaps dry".


F. Stop
Photographic Editor
"The Voice for Beano Enthusiasts"

Mr. Tom Grove weighs in with:

I have to go with Whizmo's photograph. Not because he's my brother-in-law ( although that would be reason enough for a corrupt, dishonorable juror such as myself ), but because the photograph holds together compositionally for me better than Giz's. I think it's a "rule-of-thirds" phenomenon. Both photos have a Turner-esque sense of drama. And both embody the transcendental, spiritual energy which this experience has engendered in all of us. But Whiz's photo has a more appealing balance and a more engaging range of tones.

Now, while I've got you here, one more item. Gizmo, I would like to suggest you delete one item from your "to-do" list and add two. First, delete #18. PLEASE ! No one wants to see that. Second, add "Send Tom Grove one of the LONGEST BURRITO t-shirts." Finally, add "Call Anna Nicole Smith and suggest she visit Tom Grove in Elkhart, Indiana for - oh, a week or so should do it."

Gizmo: Yeah, right. Let me get right on that for ya Tom.

Mike Leskin clears the air with:

I found the crisper, clearer tones of Whizmo's photograph awe-inspiring.  Truly, the wonder of Nature at her very best ... besides which, Whizmo promised me for a ride on his bike and a can of bean dip if I voted for him.  Sorry, Giz, but the girl from Hooter's and the bottle of Boone's Farm just wasn't enough!

Gizmo: OK, I'll up the ante next time.  Sheesh.

Gizmo's Shot

And, for those favoring Gizmo's interpretation of nature:

Mr. Bob Seidensticker offers this in support of Gizmo:

I like Gizmo's (sorry, Whiz).  Looking at Whizmo's, I expect to see the clouds part a la Monty Python revealing a cartoon God moving a clumsy lower jaw (think "Holy Grail").  Gizmo's soliloquy was a little nauseating and a little pathetic but, by golly, the little fella put so much heart into it that I found it touching.

Gizmo:  Obviously, I didn't pander enough.  I've learned my lesson.

Todd Roberts shares this:

Despite all the BS, Gizmo's image looks real while the Wiz's looks like an evangelical Eveready Battery commercial.

Gizmo:  Exactly, exactly!  I couldn't have said it better myself!

Steve Ellis offers this insight:

I like the subtlety of Gizmo's image better than the more stark picture by Whizmo. While the stark image has more impact on first glance, I do not believe it will wear well over time. I found Gizmo's to be an image which required more interaction and thought, and that is the sign of a work of art which both informs and initiates thought. Besides, when a guy is a friend you gotta vote for him after a pathetic plea like that.

Gizmo:  Obviously, not pathetic enough.  I've learned my lesson.

Tom Brady opines:

While I find that Whizmo's photo captures a wider variety of verdant hues and the beam of light radiates with a more distinct clarity and thus an indication the direction a supreme being wishes one's soul to follow in an obviously wider visage of the atmosphere, and of course, Whizmo followed a basic criteria of prose called KISS ( Keep It Simple Stupid) thus creating a photo masterpiece of aerographic wonder accompanied by verbal brevity.  Alas, my vote goes to Gizmo purely because he's family!!

Gizmo: Works for me.  I obviously need more relatives.

  >>New Contest ! New Contest ! New Contest <<

OK, enough of this self-indulgent stuff.  Let's get back to our real business, making our website look good with your hard work!  Contest #11 is yet another Creative Caption Contest!  We spotted this a couple of days ago and knew it would come in handy.  You know the drill.  So here's your raw material:

Your caption here

Put on your clever cap and let us know the rightful title for this image.  Click here for your shot at the big time.