Pass Table

We visited as many Divide passes on our route as possible and snapped a picture at each.  Our goal at the outset was to visit every hard-road-surface pass on the Divide and I believe we visited all named passes and only missed a few hard-surface Divide crossings, mostly in New Mexico where the Divide flattens, crossings are more numerous, and the crossings are often unmarked.

You can also view a profile of pass elevations.

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Northern Terminus
Port of Piegan, US-Canadian Border
Montana (US 89)


Logan Pass
Montana (Going To Sun Highway, Glacier NP)
6880 Feet MSL
Marias Pass
Montana (US 2)
5216 Feet MSL
Rogers Pass
Montana (MT 200)
5610 Feet MSL
Flesher Pass
Montana (MT 279)
6130 Feet MSL
Stemple Pass*
6376 Feet MSL (not visited)
Mullan Pass*
5902 Feet MSL
Priest Pass*
5994 Feet MSL
MacDonald Pass
Montana (US 12)
6325 MSL
Elk Park Pass
Montana (I-15)
6368 Feet MSL
Homestead Pass
Montana (I-90)
6375 Feet MSL
Pipestone Pass
Montana (MT 2)
6453 Feet MSL
Deer Lodge Pass
Montana (I-15)
5879 Feet MSL
Whizmo Pass
Montana (MT 569 S of Anaconda)
6622 Feet MSL
Chief Joseph Pass
Montana (MT 43)
7241 Feet MSL
Lost Trail Pass
Montana/Idaho border (US 93)
6995 Feet MSL
Lemhi Pass*
Montana/Idaho border (Turnoff from MT 324)
7373 Feet MSL (Not visited)
Bannock Pass*
Montana/Idaho border (MT 324)
7672 Feet MSL
Monida Pass
Montana/Idaho border (I-15)
6870 Feet MSL
Raynolds Pass
Montana/Idaho border (ID 87)
6834 Feet MSL
Targhee Pass
Montana/Idaho border (US 20)
7072 Feet MSL
Craig Pass
Wyoming (US 20, Yellowstone NP)
8262 Feet MSL
Togwotee Pass
Wyoming (US 287)
9658 Feet MSL
Unnamed Pass
Wyoming (I-80 between Table Rock and Red Desert)
6930 Feet MSL
Tentative Pass
Wyoming (WY 789)
7004 Feet MSL
Battle Pass
Wyoming (WY 70)
9955 Feet MSL
Rabbit Ears Pass
Colorado (US 40)
9426 Feet MSL
Muddy Pass
Colorado (US 40)
8772 Feet MSL
Willow Creek Pass
Colorado (CO 125)
9683 Feet MSL
Milner Pass
Colorado (US 34, Rocky Mountain NP)
10759 Feet MSL
Berthoud Pass
Colorado (US 40)
11307 Feet MSL
Loveland Pass
Colorado (US 6)
11996 Feet MSL
Hoosier Pass
Colorado (CO 9)
11542 Feet MSL
Fremont Pass
Colorado (CO 91)
11318 Feet MSL
Tennessee Pass
Colorado (US 24)
10424 Feet MSL
Independence Pass
Colorado (CO 82)
12095 Feet MSL
Cottonwood Pass
Colorado (CO 304)
12126 Feet MSL
Monarch Pass
Colorado (US 50)
11312 Feet MSL
North Cochetopa Pass
Colorado (CO 114)
10149 Feet MSL
Spring Creek Pass
Colorado (CO 149)
10898 Feet MSL
Wolf Creek Pass
Colorado (US 160)
10550 Feet MSL
Unnamed Pass
New Mexico (NM 84 west of Chama)
7275 Feet MSL
Unnamed Pass
New Mexico (US550 NW of Cuba)
7380 Feet MSL
Unnamed Pass
New Mexico (NM 371 S of Crownpoint)
7890 Feet MSL
Unnamed Pass
New Mexico (I-40 W of Thoreau)
7375 Feet MSL
Gizmo Pass
New Mexico (US 60 W of Pie Town)
7830 Feet MSL
Unnamed Pass
New Mexico (NM 12 E of Aragon)
7312 Feet MSL
Unnamed Pass
New Mexico (US 180 W of Silver City)
6230 Feet MSL
Unnamed Pass
New Mexico (NM 90 SW of Silver City)
6335 Feet MSL
Unnamed Pass
New Mexico (I-10 E of Separ)
4585 Feet MSL
Unnamed Pass
New Mexico (NM 146 N of Hachita)
4520 Feet MSL
Unnamed Pass
New Mexico (NM 9 E of Animas)
4520 Feet MSL


Southern Terminus
Antelope Wells, US-Mexican Border
New Mexico (NM 81)

* indicates non-hard-surface road