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Day Two - May 17, 1999

We Got It All

Goldendale WA - Boise ID

5 hours - 343 miles

02 - Rain.jpg (7529 bytes)

It looked worse than this.  Honest.

We awoke this morning to the sound of rain on the roof of the Far Vue Inn.   We weren't expecting it, and looking out the window didn't make us feel any better.   We knew it would be cold, but the combination of cold and wet is not good.   The waitress in the coffee shop assured us that this was the coldest spring she could remember.  We both ordered oatmeal in the hopes that the warmth would stay with us for at least a little while. 

We started riding at about 8:15 with the temperature in the mid-40s.   It was actually tolerable, with two layers of polypropylene longjohns, two layers of socks, and two layers of gloves.  And rubber boots.  By 11:30am my hands were still dry, my feet were not cold, and I was not swearing.  The worst of the day was when we crossed the Blue Mountain Summit at 4193 feet at 40 degrees.  Brrr.

02 - Day 2 Track.jpg (24900 bytes)

All interstate today due to weather.  Bummer.

Once again we opted for the interstate to beat the weather.  By the time we arrived in Boise the strategy paid off - it was 70 degrees plus with clear skies.   This puts us somewhat ahead of our schedule to arrive in Green River on Thursday, but if we can stay south of the developing weather to the north we can take some of the more scenic backroads as we make our way into Utah.  Traveling on the interstates we make better time, but we miss all of the interesting little towns and sites.  We also don't have as many opportunities to stop and take pictures. 

02 - Wet money.jpg (12958 bytes)

Mark's wallet hung out to dry.

By the time we got to Boise, the weather was in the high 70s, so we had about a 40 degree swing from start to finish.  Checking into the Doubletree, we immediately switch on the Weather Channel, our guiding beacon.  Things look more promising for tomorrow.

Mark kept his wallet in the front of his riding suit, apparently using the contents to absorb the rain before it could get to his clothes.  He had to peel out each and every receipt, credit card and twenty dollar bill and lay them out to dry.

Until tomorrow,

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