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Day Ten - May 25, 1999

Homeward Bound

Green River UT - Ely NV

5:00 riding time - 331 miles - 60+ degrees

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Green River to Ely

We are in Ely, Nevada, pronounced "e-lee", as in Robert.   Does anyone younger than me understand this reference?

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Not a 20-foot waitress

The other Jerks headed out last night for Salt Lake City, which must have been at least a 3-hour drive.  Mark and I decided that we would opt for a more direct route home and skip the traditional golf outing this time.  We packed up our river rafting accessories and took them to the post office, and they are now on their way back to Seattle.  When we finally cleaned up the Jerk Crash Pad at the Comfort Inn, underneath all of the wet towels piled in the corner was a shirt that Lyle had been wearing before his shower.  Following time-honored Jerk tradition (finders-keepers) we wiped our bikes down with Lyle's shirt and will exert moderate effort to get it back to him before the next JerkFest.  However, we will not wash it.

I'm feeling bad because when we left Idaho Falls a couple of days ago, we passed a 20-foot waitress outside a little cafe in a small town, and I didn't stop to take the picture that might have put a smile on your face.  I shared my feelings with Mark, who encouraged me to deal with the emotion by taking advantage of the next opportunity to share some Americana.  This statue was along the road just outside of Salina, Utah.  It was chained to the base, perhaps as both a practical and artistic touch? I offer it as meager amends for missing the 20-foot waitress in Idaho.

In Salina, the best place to eat was Mama's Cafe, we parked the bikes and moseyed on in.  This is the classic kind of cafe that we love to find - colorful, good food, interesting characters.

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Best in town Served with a smile Mark is happy

Highway 50 in Nevada is known as the "Loneliest Highway", because there are stretches of up to 100 miles without any services.  We of course think this is just dandy, and we don't see too many other folks on this road.  At times, you can see the road for miles ahead with nothing but mountains in the background.   Just lovely.  Fortunately for us, the temperature was in the high 60's, very comfortable for riding.  The average altitude in this area is 6500-7000', so the engines are not running at peak power, but with little traffic and great riding weather it doesn't really matter.

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Road, mountains, sky

Because the weather is so nice, the road is so straight and clear, and there is not much to look at, Mark overtakes me to hijack my camera so he can take a picture of me!  I am happy to pose with my best riding posture.

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Mark wants the camera!

I should have given it to him sooner!

Uh-oh, I shouldn't have given it to him sooner!

Mark doesn't want to give the camera back until you have a chance to see his cool digital speedo, so I guess I should humor him.

10-Mark's speedo.jpg (12251 bytes)

Note that Mark is well within redline.  Pay no attention to the other number.

Well, tomorrow is Day 11, and we'll be heading north, west or both, depending upon the weather and the thickness of the blue line on the map.

Until tomorrow,

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