System Technical Requirements (Trinity 2004 Tour)

For the Trinity 2004 Tour, we originally used a JavaScript-based software system to render our reports.  (Our early reports use 'vanilla' HTML, while later reports and our home page use a PHP-based system�these pages should display fine on nearly any system.)  So the 'with audio' version of our Trinity 2004 Tour does have some browser limitations. Depending on your browser version and operating system, you could experience some problems:

  • If you use a modem for internet connectivity, it will be very sluggish. If you're still using a modem, consider us another incentive to look into a high-speed connection.
  • Because of our limited resources and the variances between browsers, we don't support every browser.  We have targeted (and done limited testing) on recent versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Firefox which are available at no cost on nearly all desktop computing platforms.  (Sorry, this report doesn't support Safari on the Mac, but Mozilla is available for Macs running OS X.)
  • For background music in the Maps and Gallery tabs, we require IE and Windows Media Player V7.1 and later (free WMP upgrades here).
  • You need to have JavaScript/Active Scripting enabled.  If you are using default security settings, it is enabled by default.

If you're having any issues with the audio-version of the Trinity 2004 tour, try the non-audio version.